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100% Authentic, Hand-Cut Pink Himalayan Salt

Pure Himalayan Salt Works Lamps are 100% authentic, hand-cut and produced in the largest stretch of the Himalayan mountains known for its infamous pink salt. Our salt lamps feature UL approved power cords, your assurance of the highest standard of safety.

Pure Himalayan Salt Works Lamps act as a natural air purifier by emitting a stream of negative ions into the air. These bind to positively charged dust particles leaving air fresher and cleaner. Excellent for those suffering from allergies, sinus congestion and stress. Also known to increase energy levels and rejuvenate the body.

Each lamp is hand-cut so each lamp is an original work of art. Perfect for home, office and spa. Makes a great night-light. Includes 15w bulb, 6 foot cord with on/off switch. 100% satisfaction guarantee.